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Goddess and God by Tiana Art

We welcome you to the Temple of Avalon

We call you into this place of the Heart

We invite you to celebrate Unity

We welcome you to be here with Love


The Temple of Avalon, is a new Pagan Temple

of the Goddess and the Gods in the heart of Avalon. Glastonbury, UK.


Since ancient times, the people of these lands have recognised the presence of the deities of place in many forms. Goddesses and Gods,

Lady of the Land and Horned One, the elemental beings; different faces of the great Wheel of the Year, named and un-nameable, who were celebrated and honoured here.


Today there is a need to remember, recognise and re-find ways in which to give space for both the Feminine Divine and Masculine Divine in harmony, in healing ways of beauty, unity and devotion.


Avalon is at the heart of these new and returning ways of pagan spirituality. As heart-chakra of the world, Avalon is a great gateway for manifestation, and the grounding of a new Temple space dedicated to Goddesses and Gods.


We were originally founded by seven Priestesses of the Goddess, who serve the Divine daily in Their many forms. We are birthing a new vision for our times and rebirthing an ancient tradition of celebrating sacred feminine and sacred masculine within each other and within all beings. Honouring Goddess and God and all forms of the sacred within and without in all forms and expressions of authentic truth, finding balance, opening to what is now, listening to and supporting each other's inspirations, wisdoms and teachings.

The Temple of Avalon aims to be fully inclusive, and celebrate the Sacred; Feminine, Masculine and non-binary forms of the Divine in Avalon, old and new, throughout the seasons.

We aim to bring into reality, as way-showers in service, the lived path of harmonious union and to allow all who come here, to find the ways of Love.

The Temple of Avalon is a lovely accessible sacred space, available to hire for small groups, quiet healing and ceremonial work meetings.


We are open to visitors at certain times of the week (see contact us page) and welcome all those who worship both the Goddesses and Gods in Avalon, in all the many forms and elemental ways these Deities manifest for modern pagans.


We hope to create diversity, equality, beauty, devotion and unity with the Temple of Avalon and look forward to welcoming you to this Pagan place of worship for the Goddess and the God in central Glastonbury.

We are looking forward to seeing you there and sharing the love. 

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