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Our devotion to Goddesses and Gods, Goddess/God, Goddess & God  is a personal way of expressing our alignment and can be very different for everyone, just as our connection to the Feminine and Masculine is very personal. There is not one way, like many rivers we can flow together to the great sea of love and unity! 

We hope you will enjoy our personal expression of devotion!

Goddess: Lady of our hearts,

You are the earth’s bounty and the earth’s yielding, the sap rising, fruit swelling, honey dripping, grain ripening, and the embrace of longing. You are the reaching that creates life out of itself, and the awakening of love that seeks joyous union.


Sweet compassionate Jewel Goddess of many faces. Giver of birth, life, death and rebirth: You are the end of all desire.


You who are the beauty of the green earth and the white moon among the stars, the mystery of the waters, and desire of the heart.

You, the soul of nature, who gives life to the universe, You are the Mystery that calls us home.


You who are sensuality and deep connection, fierce presence, magic and transformation, nurturing breasts, sacred space and still centre.

All acts of love and pleasure are Your rituals.


You are the unfurling of each petal, nectar dripping, honey dewed kiss; the sweet release of fragrant scent: the intoxication of bluebells, rose and honey suckle, of may- and apple- blossom.


Queen of the Land, Initiatrix, Wise Lady of Life

and Love, You animate all beings into the exquisite unfurling of body, mind and spirit.


Horned God: Lord of our hearts,

Vibrant spirit of the wildwood, whose green blood fires the earth.

You are plant medicine, vision journey, deep ancient roots and new growth, the tender moist fingers of outstretched leaves and vibrant life force in all of nature.


Flame of the heart, You pulse in the land. You are the rut and protective courage, ready to make love to life, unreservedly. Your beauty soars, and joyously offers the dance of life to the great hunger.


Yours are the swell of wave and grain, the intoxication of grape and fruit. You are the movement of the stars, and the arrow of conscious action. You rise to serve the flow. Your who are Oak and Pine, crystal rod and magnetic centre.


Your presence is a magnificent stillness, while the music of Your laughter stirs the winds.

You are Lord of the Hunt and the Power of Love, whose voice calls the seasons.


Gatekeeper of the Labyrinth, Guardian of the rainbow bridge:

You are the answering joy of surrendered reverence that true intimacy and love inspire.

Goddess and God:

Your union is sweet and blesses all.

Devotional writing by Katinka Soetens


Lady and Lord of the Lake

Dark Moon June 2021 by Bee Helygen

Poem choosen by Marion Brigantia
Oh Great Cosmic Ineffable Divine One,  Source of all that we know and all that is beyond our knowing,
You  who are Divine MotherFather of all Creation,

I worship and adore You in Your Oneness, and in
all the forms of Your Appearance
in this physical world and throughout the known and unknown Universe,  in all Your genders and definitions,
in all Your names and epithets,  
and in all the manifestations of Your Love, Your Compassion, Your resence, Your Beauty,  Your Power, Your Truth, Your Peace, Your Harmony.
I immerse myself in Your all-knowing all-seeing Heart and receive Your teachings, initiations and blessings on my humble path in this life with deep gratitude and honouring, knowing You are  the very Source and Essence of my being, flowing in my physical, emotional,  mental,  spiritual body incarnated here upon the earth.
I promise every day to remember that I am one
with You and that I am held
precious and belovéd
in your Cosmic all-loving Heart, and I promise that I will always
do my best to open my heart to Your Infinite Boundless Eternal Love, and bring Your
all-revealing Light to shine in the dark places of ain, 
separation and ignorance within my mind,  
my heart and my soul.

I offer my body,  heart and mind to be the Vessel of Your Presence on this Earth. May all beings know love,  peace and happiness 

Devotional writing by Sally Pullinger
Text choosen by Angie Twydall
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