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Marion Brigantia

I am a Priestess of Brighde-Brigantia and of Avalon, Sister of Rhiannon and Luminary Leader, daughter, lover, mother,
queen and sister. 

I moved from The Netherlands to Glastonbury in 2009 to answer Her call, and I now live on the Isle of Avalon with my partner and work as full-time priestess.


As Her Priestess I love the many strands of Priestess work

I offer, whether it is teaching the Brighde-Brigantia teachings,

co-organising The Goddess Conference, facilitating Sacred Tours and Walks on the Land, Ceremonies, Workshops, Oracle Readings, Shamanic Drumming, Healing or Soul Work.


I reclaim, celebrate and serve Goddess as Her Priestess every day of my life and this journey has led me to a natural progression into opening up again to the Masculine Divine, the God, who is and is not separate from Her in my experience. 

My connection with the masculine is very much based in my Catholic upbringing, where I was taught and experienced God as Love an energy also powerfully embodied in the Christ energy. 
To experience the Masculine in the Pagan context is still an exploration for me, although I do recognise Him in mythological God figures like Herne, Lugh, Pan and the Green Man and have worked with my inner Divine Masculine as part of the Rhiannon training.

The unity of the feminine and masculine is very much part of the Avalon energy, when walking the land you can find this everywhere on the Isle. This union is for instance beautifully symbolised in the Vesica Pisces symbol of the Chalice Well, in the White Spring and the Red Waters, which merge and mingle, and in the trees on the isle, like Gog and Magog.

To come together in the Temple of Avalon, Co-operative Society with seven sisters is a chance for me to walk my talk and be in service to the Divine and the community of Glastonbury,

the beautiful town in which we live! 

 Bright Blessings,

Marion Brigantia

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