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Sally Pullinger

Pink Sky

I arrived in Avalon in 1981 and have experienced several incarnations in this sacred landscape.  I have worked with my Spirit Guide Chung Fu for 45 years, but only began working professionally 22 years ago here in Glastonbury.


In the year 2000 revelations came to me from Goddess, and I found myself entering the realm of the Lady of Avalon with Kathy Jones;  I was one of a few who worked closely with her to create the first Glastonbury Goddess Temple, of which I am honoured to be a director.   I have felt lifted up and embraced by Goddess ever since.


Having spent the first 17 years of my life inside High Church of England Christian nun-led educational establishments, my idea of this masculine God was rather vague and ‘He’ was definitely not very personally close or accessible. I crashed aged 22 when my husband committed suicide and was saved by a trance medium who helped me understand that he was trying to communicate with me. At that point my internal world became a vastly bigger space.  


In regard to Divine Masculinity, I notice that I have a strong connection with the energy of Yeshua, Jesus; I am just very aware that there could be deep conditioning within me creating this feeling.  However, that may be, the feeling of Jesus opens my heart to the Divine Masculine, who for me is both physically committed and present, while being also deeply aligned to heart love and to the high energy of spirit.


There are also other very archetypal Masculine Deities and Angelic beings who call a strong love and adoration from my heart; Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Melchizedek, especially from experiencing them coming into my body and speaking through me. And of course, I deeply love my spirit guide Chung Fu. However, I have not myself yet met any of the Druidic or Pagan Gods and look forward to that exploration and discovery.


With this Sisterhood of Priestesses, the Temple of Avalon Co-operative Society, I am exploring and re-integrating my relationship with the Divine Masculine, I am a strongly committed Priestess of Goddess entering this newly formed Temple of Goddess and God in Their many forms and appearances.


As a Priestess of Avalon and of Isis I open my heart and invite God to enter in with love and compassion, with ecstasy and joy, in the beauty way, for my highest and deepest good.


                                    May all beings know peace, joy, love and happiness

                                         May Goddess and God be united within me.

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