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Angie Twydall

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As a founding member of the Temple of Avalon I drawn upon my personal lived experience in setting up new devotional temple spaces, Goddess inspired courses and community events. 

The raising of a new Temple is seeded from a desire, and need for another Temple. As a circle of 7 Priestess sisters could we work together, as equals? How would we do that, what would it look like and feel like?

The vision of a new temple was seeded after last years Goddess Conference, with Heartlandia - sacred land of our calling, temple land of our hearts. These places can be the hot sandy places, high mountains, open expanse of the seas and for me the wildness of the primordial moorland.
Earth Mother Goddess holds us all, and from that place I see the Temple of Avalon, branching out from the roots of all the lineages we have dedicated to as Priestesses of the Goddess, connecting temples, people and places, past lives and present lives.

My devotional life as a Priestess is influenced from my lived life experiences. My spiritual path is eclectic as yoga teacher, as a Luminary leader, as a Shamanic Womb healer, as a Sacred Bee Guardian and a 7 Sistars soul mentor. All of these I know realise are about unity, balance and healing through focusing on the Goddess/God within. 

My journey has been a quest for love, the highest calling of the soul. Through union and meeting in love all our relationships can open us more to Divine Love.

"The sky and the stars make music in you" Dendera Temple inscription

My quest has been to share inspiration, and create new ideas into the present. These Divine quests I see as Goddess given, as downloads and flashes of inspiration that is a new creation. This has happened many times, the set up of the Kent Goddess Temple, at the Goddess House of Healing and within the Glastonbury Goddess Temple with various projects and ceremonies.

I moved from Kent, UK to Glastonbury, UK with my family and my bee hives, to be part of the Glastonbury Goddess Community and the Glastonbury Goddess temple. I had several amazing years and opportunities to create and manifest - Priestess Healer training, Sacred Bee Priestess trainings, the Goddess House a healing temple for therapists to work from. Growing and birthing all in Her name.

After several opportunities to look more deeply at my own souls purpose it was time to move further west, away from Glastonbury. Leaving with gratitude to all my Priestess Sisters, Brothers and teachers who I thank for that chapter in my life. 

The Kent Goddess Temple continues on with seasonal ceremonies, run by others now. I now run the Sanctuary of Sophia, a training therapy and retreat organisation for those on the Priestess Healer path. I have also been setting up a new community interest company, called Grandmother Beech. We are working with other charitable organisations providing nature based courses and treatments for the more vulnerable groups in society, who do not usually access what we offer.

Since moving to Exmoor we have felt really rooted. Lockdown has give us an opportunity to  reflect and go deeper with our connection to the plants, bees, the land and the elements and how this flows into our service and soul’s purpose. Our Sanctuary is a place of connection and helps everyone to find balance. Which really is unity of all aspects of inside and out.

So, for me the Temple of Avalon has been seeded and birthed from a desire for another Temple space, honouring the Goddess and the Gods, Could we as a circle of Priestess sisters do it? Yes we can! Allowing the conscious conception of an idea to be made manifest out into the world is a beautiful and magical thing. The energy flows when we are aligned, when the time is right and when we act from a place of love and desire. That time is now. 

We all have a chance to make a difference until our dying day.

Thank you for witnessing and reading my part in raising a new Temple of Avalon in Glastonbury.

Love Angie x

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